Championship Sunday

After this Sunday there is one more game. The one that everyone is striving for. The Super Bowl. Players dream their entire lives of paying in the big one. But today. Today is when the legends are made. Today is the money round. The Drive. The Catch. Those did not happen on Super Bowl Sunday….

Just One

Just one. Just one play changes a win to a loss. One throw, one catch. One stop. Single plays throughout the course of a sixty-minute, sometimes longer, game mean all the difference. These plays separate pretender from contender. These plays build a champion. On Sunday, the Miami Dolphins just needed one play from their defense….

Showdown at Mile High-Miami Dolphins v. Denver Broncos

Sunday afternoon the Miami Dolphins take the field against the Denver Broncos in the most important game of the 2014 season. At this point in the NFL season every game is the most important game. Each game sets up the next as teams jockey for playoff position. This particular game sets up a faceoff with…