Baseball’s Black Eye

Baseball waited.

Baseball gave Alabama their day in the sun to celebrate another National Championship.

Baseball waited. Wednesday was their chance to steal a little bit of the spotlight from football. Just a little bit of good news before the world turned back to the NFL playoffs. The BBWAA (Baseball Writers’ Association of America) had other plans. For only the eighth time the BBWAA did not choose one single candidate for Baseball’s Hall of Fame.

Not one single candidate.

This vote could be seen as a condemnation of Major League Baseball’s ‘Steroid Era’, Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens are key figures of that particular controversy. But for the most part this was simply a black eye for the MLB. What should have been a celebration their long storied history instead is a reminder of a checkered past.

During the ‘Steroid Era’, many players are believed to have used performance enhancing drugs to help their careers. There was no drug testing program, no suspensions, nothing to dissuade players from doing whatever they could to make themselves better. No one truly knows how many players used PEDs, or anyway to know who did and who did not. There are only suspicions.

In the cases of Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens, they never needed the help. Before either player is believed to have begun using steroids they were first ballot Hall of Famers. First Ballot. Bonds was the best hitter of this generation and Clemens, ‘the Rocket’, may be the best pitcher of all time. Unfortunately, they may never take their rightful place in Cooperstown.

They call it the Hall of Fame, but it might be known more by those who are not enshrined within.

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