Buyer Beware.

The Super Bowl signals the end of the NFL season. The end of months of hard work and struggle before crowning a champion in one final game: One winner, thirty-one losers.

Let us be honest: the season never ends.

Officially free agency begins the offseason on March 9th.  However teams already are making moves and slowly changing the way they will look in the upcoming season. General Managers set the table for what they want to do in March in February.

Players are resigned, others released, and still others are put up as trade bait. The landscape of the NFL prepares to change in big and little ways leading up to the draft in April.

Good players, talented players will find themselves without a home. Some are getting older, others simply disagree on how much they are worth, all of them hope to continue their professional careers.

As teams consider these players, remember “Buyer Beware”-there is a reason they are no longer with their previous teams.

Whether it is money, discipline, age, injury the reasons do not matter. The simple fact is that they are no longer wanted by their teams. That should give prospective suitors pause.

Why are they gone?

What mistakes did they make?

Why are they not getting paid?

Many teams prefer to resign their own free agents. After all they know these players better than anyone else. Signing strangers is courting the unknown.

The NFL is a team game. One player, no matter how good, rarely changes a team’s fortunes. One mistake can bring down a season.

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