Hands Like Feet

‘Hands like feet.’

Just roles off the tongue doesn’t it.

‘Hands like feet.’ After four days and countless hours of NFL Network coverage, that is what I took away from the NFL scouting combine.

Not Tavon Austin and Ryan Swope running 4.34 in the forty yard dash. Not even Manti Te’o crawling to a 4.82 forty time. Those were impressive and not so impressive feats, but I just like “Hands like feet”

It has quickly become my favorite scouting phrase. Why say a player cannot catch a cold when you can simply blurt out “hands like feet”, it is wonderful.

What else did I get from watching way too much of the combine over the last week?

This isn’t a bad draft class. There are many very good players coming to the NFL in April, just not many ‘shiny ones.’ That one, outstanding, no doubt about it number one overall pick: he isn’t here, keep looking. The quarterbacks leave a lot to desire; the wide receivers have more questions than answers. This particular combine seems to be more about who isn’t here than who is.

Quarterbacks Aaron Murray and A.J. McCarron would have been first round picks this draft. Jadeveon Clowney from South Caroline would have been a clear no. 1 pick. But they are not available; you can only work with what you have got.

Someone from this group of players will be picked no. 1 overall, until then I leave you with this:

‘Hands like Feet’

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