Win or go home.

basketball (2)Sixty-eight teams, sixty-five games, one champion.

Win or go home. Nothing can be simpler.

Win or go home. No second chances, no excuses just win the game in front of you. Beginning March 19, March Madness may be the most exciting 18 days in organized sports. Once a school makes the NCAA Basketball Tournament, they have as much of a chance to win as anyone else. Number 1 seed or number 16, anything can happen over the course of the tournament.

In 1983, Jim Valvano led his North Carolina State team from the number 6 seed to the promised land, defeating such NBA legends such as: Clyde Drexler, Hakeem Olajuwon and Michael Jordan. In recent years, Gonzaga has gone from a Cinderella story to a fixture in the tourney; this year reaching the number 1 seed. The only thing that you can count on is that you cannot count on anything over the span of the tournament.

Some teams will always be disappointed. Many thought the University of Miami would be the number 1seed instead of Gonzaga. Last year’s champion, the Kentucky Wildcats, did not even make the tournament. But none of that will matter come March 19. Fans across the country will make out their brackets and watch the games while they should be working.

Anything can happen. Will a 16 seed finally beat a 1 seed? Will all the number 1 seeds make the final four like they did in 2008? Will Miami and Florida (traditional football powers) meet each other in a Florida heavy final four? What unheralded team will go deep in the tournament becoming this year’s Cinderella and bracket buster? That is part of what makes March Madness so exhilarating.

Win or go home; it is such a simple formula. So sit back, make your bracket and enjoy.

Photo Credit: Michael Tennant

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