Season of Lies.

We have entered the season of Lies, Lies, and more Lies.

As we get closer to the NFL Draft teams spread more misinformation and flat-out lies then anything approaching the truth. So when reports surfaced this week suggesting the Miami Dolphins were interested in trading for Kansas City Chiefs left tackle Branden Albert, I took it with a grain of salt. After all the Dolphins balked at resigning former number one pick Jake Long, Albert is expected to want similar money and will also likely cost at least one draft pick.

Personally, I think trading for Albert makes no sense at all. If Miami didn’t want to pay Long they shouldn’t pay Albert. This entire offseason has been about getting younger and faster, I do not believe Albert accomplishes this. There are many good offensive linemen in this draft, Miami could simply take one of them and still have another pick to help fill other needs on a very young team. Trading for Albert helps Kansas City, Miami not so much.

Making the situation even more confusion were statements made by Kansas City coach Andy Reid. First he insisted that they had not given Albert permission to speak with Miami, then he said that they had given permission, then he seemed to suggest that he had no idea and he dealt with the coaching not the contracts.

Confused, yeah me too. I smell a smokescreen. This doesn’t mean the trade is happening, does not mean it isn’t happening either. It simply means that it is business as usual for the NFL. Keep everything close to the vest and time to play chicken.

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