Johnny Clipboard


It has been announced that Brian Hoyer will start week one for the Cleveland Browns.

Johnny Football will start his career as Johnny Clipboard. While some national media may try to paint this as a mistake it makes perfect sense. This is not about the partying, it is not about the middle finger on Monday Night Football. This is not even about ill-advised photo with Justin Bieber (really what were you thinking?). It is all about the fact that Hoyer is simply better at this point.

Johnny Manziel is shiny. As a quarterback he creates something out of nothing, no one is disputing that. That is not the problem. The improvisation is a rare trait, something that simply cannot be coached up. The concern with Manziel are the parts of the game that can be coached up.

While he had a wonderful college career, he did struggle at times. Most significantly against LSU and Missouri last season. The connection: They forced him to play from the pocket. He seemed lost, the great player we had seen was missing. Creating is great but if you cannot play from the pocket you will be in trouble.

Players are better, faster in the NFL. This is the top one percent of the top one percent of football players on the planet. What worked in college may not work here. If he cannot learn to play from the pocket he may not make that jump. Relying solely on his scrambling ability could get him killed at this level.

So it is Johnny Clipboard to begin. If he can get out of his own way and learn while he is on the sideline he may be ok.

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