Dolphins-Bills Round 2

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Sundays game at the Detroit Lions was a fistfight. It was a back alley brawl. Miami struggles against physical teams, but on Sunday they took every punch and threw a few of their own.

I found myself in an odd position. On the one hand I was disappointed that Miami could not pull out the win at the end of the game. On the other…I simply could not be mad.

Sometimes you lose. Sometimes there is no one to blame. The other team gets paid too.

Yes you can easily nitpick and find a play here or a play there that would make a difference. None of that matters. The Dolphins have nothing to be ashamed about. The important part is what happens next.

What happens next is the game against the Buffalo Bills. Four days after a physical matchup against the Lions the Dolphins welcome the Bills for yet another tough matchup. Some may look at facing another physical team so soon as trouble. I look at it differently.

Sometimes a man has to get his hands dirty. The Detroit game actually sets the team up well to face the Bills. Yes the Detroit game was tough but the Dolphins proved they could take the shots and keep coming. Yes the Bills have had their number recently but at some point you have to make the change yourself.

Time to dig in, bring your lunch and just get your hands dirty.

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  1. greg baker says:

    This journalist knows when to use the ” Hands Dirty ” comment. The Dolphins played good enough to win in Detroit Sunday, just shy of the desired result. But now it is a CONFERENCE game, a DIVISIONAL game, a game at HOME against the team that beat them TWICE in a roll. South Beach don’t come quietly this is the BUFFALO BILLS !!!! The Bills are one of the surprise potential Playoff teams in the AFC aside of the Cleveland Browns. The Bills also beat the Lions whom Miami just lost to four days ago. This is a ” Must Win Game ” for both teams. The loser has no shot at winning the AFC EAST and may lose a PLAYOFF position.

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