The Miami Dolphins and a man named Suh.

Tony Gutierrez/AP
Tony Gutierrez/AP

Hunting season is almost here. The NFL Free Agency season opens Tuesday at 4pm.

Like most years there is one marquee player grabbing most of the attention. This year that player is Ndamukong Suh. He is the white whale this offseason. Franchises will put it all on the line to sign him.

Suh is the $100-million dollar man this week. The San Diego Chargers just threw their name in the ring, joining the Oakland Raiders, the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Chicago Bears, his former team the Detroit Lions and the Miami Dolphins.

The Dolphins seem to be the frontrunners. They are going big-game hunting again. This is not the first time they have gone after the biggest name during the offseason. Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Mike Wallace all come to mind.  While they have had some success the Dolphins have also been used to drive up the price on free agents who never intended to sign with the storied franchise.

Suh is absolutely worth the money. He is clearly the second best defensive lineman in the league-sorry but J.J. Watt is still number one. Talent has never been a question. Watching him at Nebraska in college it was clear he was a man among boys. Even his occasional on-field penalties should not give any team pause. Still the price tag is daunting.

$17 million a year. That is what we are talking about on the low-end. That is elite-quarterback money. That is Aaron Rodgers-Tom Brady money. It is scary. For that money you can sign two or three very good players, maybe even pro bowl players. For that kind of money you have to be sure or it can cripple a franchise.

Miami has the money. Question is do they pull the trigger?

This week I considered what to do with the defensive tackle position with or without Suh. I came up with three ideas I like.

Scenario #1:

Sign Ndamukong Suh and Jared Odrick. Bring Odrick home. He has been the best interior defensive lineman for the Dolphins for the last few season. Pairing him with Suh would solidify the middle for years to come.

Scenario #2:

Sign Suh and Dan Williams, the free agent nose tackle from the Arizona Cardinals. At 6’2 and 327 lbs, Williams can eat up space in the middle while Suh, Cameron Wake and Olivier Vernon terrorize opposing offenses.

Scenario #3:

Sign Odrick and Williams. Yes they miss out on the shiny signing of Suh. That is ok. The defensive line is still strengthened and you have a chunk of cap space available to address other needs.

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  1. greg baker says:

    Tuesday March 10th 2015 Miami makes a statement. After Tom Brady and the Patriots won anther Super Bowl and the off season chatter is about the Bills so far, along comes a man named Sssssuuuuuuuuhhhhhh !!!!!! I always believed that the Miami organization strive for perfection. In fact they are the only NFL team to do it. By the signing of ” A man named Suh ” (as Michael Tennant put it ) the Miami organization are saying ENOUGH is ENOUGH !!!! Not are they going to win AFC East but sweep the Patriots in doing so. And with those two loses the Patriots might not make the Playoffs. If this happens, Tom Brady’s acting career is going to start a little early. Yes I am saying it, ” A man named Suh ” is going to put Tom Brady into early retirement. Tom Brady the king of the NFL era will be over. Suh could not take care of Aaron Rodgers but he played for the ………….lions……….And Aaron Rodgers is younger, faster, and better than Tom Brady.

    ” A man named Suh ” will be warm in South Beach. ” A man named Suh ” will be king in South Beach.

    As for the ………lions……….oh well………..Suh should of gotten Mathew Stafford’s contract. The only way the Detroit organization redeems its self is that Stafford carries the team not only to a winning season but to at least one Playoff win.

  2. greg baker says:

    Suh sighing to the Dolphins for the 2015 season still makes him the highest paid defensive player for the ……lions……….in this same year so far. The Detroit organization will pay him 10 million against the cap for 2015. Money they kicked down the road from Suh’s rookie contract.

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