Welcome to your Dwight-mare.

It happened to Cleveland.

It has happened to Orlando twice.

That moment when a city is forced to watch an athletic superstar break their collective hearts, leaving them is disarray. Whatever reasons given it can be painful. As a city, as an organization you see your dreams of championships fade into the stark reality of a painful rebuilding process. For Cleveland and Orlando unfortunately this is not a surprising turn of events, for Los Angeles it is downright shocking.

But that is exactly what happened this weekend to the Los Angeles Lakers as Dwight Howard agreed to join the Houston Rockets. For once the mighty Lakers lost out on the premier player who they desired.

The Lakers Dwight-mare is coming to an end while if history repeats itself Houston’s is just beginning.  After a very promising beginning for his career Howard cannot seem to get out of his own way. For whatever the reason Dwight Howard is not the same man or player that he previously was. Injuries have played a part but the more obvious concern must be for a young player who cannot seem to make up his mind, one who seemingly wants to make everyone happy.

For many in Orlando there was a lot of anger when Dwight initially left for the Lakers. Then something so sweet happened. Dwight and the Lakers struggled, badly. It was such sweet revenge. After losing first Shaq, then Dwight to the Lakers for once karma seemed to have struck. When this offseason began it was nice watching Dwight do to the Lakers what he had done to the Magic just the previous year.

Now Howard finds himself in Houston. A talented young team, a fresh start. Maybe things will work out this time for him, it may be his last chance to repair his reputation. The talent is obviously still there, the real concern is his character. The Houston Rockets believe they can do what the Magic and Lakers already failed to do: make Dwight Howard the champion he can be.

Of course if things go sideways, if he becomes a Dwight-mare in Houston don’t say we didn’t try to warn you.

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