Someone Else’s Privacy.

Wednesday at the SEC media day the big story was Johnny Manziel and the Manning Passing Academy Camp.

ESPN reported the story about Johnny Manziel leaving the Manning Passing Camp: Johnny Football leaves the Manning Passing Academy early.

So when Manziel appeared on Wednesday he had to answer a lot of questions and he answered them…to a point. When asked if he was hung over he quickly answered no. However, when asked if he had been drinking that weekend he chose not to answer. There are some in the public and the media who felt that was not good enough. Felt that they deserved more from this young man.

That’s the thing. They don’t. We don’t.

No one has the right to someone else’s privacy. I understand with social media and reality tv it often feels that we do. But that is a false assumption.

Through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter among other outlets many people live their lives in the public. It gets worse when you are an athlete or celebrity. So many people want something from you. Anytime you go out in public you are on display. Every move you make may be dissected and analyzed. You still are allowed to decide what parts of your life you want to share with the world.

If Manziel decides to share his life with us that is his choice, not ours. He can share whatever he wants, all or nothing. But if he decides that one little, tiny, insignificant part of his life is his not to be shared that’s ok too. He is allowed his privacy, it is his life not ours.

Johnny Football has made some mistakes, he is allowed to. Like he reminded us he is only 20 yrs old. He isn’t out getting DUIs, getting into fights, he is simply acting like a college kid. If he wants to share his life that is up to him, we don’t have a right to it.

Hopefully he learns from his mistakes as he finds his way. It is his path, let him follow it.

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