First Day of OTAs. 100 days to NFL season.


Today is the first day of OTAs (organized team activities), the precursor to NFL training camps. Some are covering today as if it matters. It really does not. Teams simply kick the tires and try to knock off some of the rust. For fans it does give us some hope. If nothing else it is the light at the end of the tunnel. The NFL season is approaching.

The Miami Dolphins enter training camp with some predicting they will fail. One website ranked the Dolphins as the worst team in the NFL, on Twitter someone else predicted that they would own the number one pick in next years NFL Draft. When I see these type of things the first thing I think is:

Should we be drug testing those that write about sports?

Obviously I am joking. Everyone has a right to their own opinions. I simply wonder what they were looking at last season. While the season ended poorly with one-sided losses to division foes to miss the playoffs, last season was far from a train wreck. The fact that the team played so well in the face of the Incognito/Martin scandal is something to applaud. Many of the problems faced by this team last season came from that dysfunctional offensive line. A young quarterback simply cannot be expected to thrive when he is sacked over fifty times.

The Dolphins come into this season with a rebuilt offensive line. Will it be better than last years? We wont know until we are into the season. It does seem on the face of it to be an improved group. There is at least hope there and fewer distractions.

Other parts of the team have been subtly upgraded. Knowshon Moreno is the all around back they needed last year and Louis Delmas is a talented playmaking-safety. The new players are not shiny, but we do not need shiny we need good.

Maybe that is the disconnect. For some they need the shiny, the excitement. Me, I will take actual football players. Men that get the job done. All the shiny, big-name players win you are the press conferences. At some point they have to turn into players.

Sometimes a man has to get his hands dirty. Here is to the Dolphins getting down into the muck.

I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Can not wait for the season opener.

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