Miami Dolphins Training Camp Primer: Quarterbacks

Miami Qbs

As the season creeps closer the Miami Dolphins prepare for training camp. With one OTA in the books the time has come to take a good look at the position groups. Decisions will need to be made. Some dreams will simply come to an end. Before any of that happens it helps to look at what you have to work with.

I thought I would take it from the top. Starting with the most important position on the team, Quarterback.

Ryan Tannehill:

This offseason is important for Tannehill. He needs to make that next step in his evolution, at the same time he is the unquestioned starter of this team. If he disappoints this season he may face some real competition in the near future. He has shown growth from the first to second season, this season he must put that together. After suffering over fifty sacks last year his toughness is not in question. Now is the time to improve his pocket awareness and decision making. If he can get on the same page with all of his receivers and take advantage of his athleticism, Tannehill may live up to the promise that he teased us with last season.

Matt Moore:

Matt Moore’s only job this offseason is to be Matt Moore. He is already one of the best backup-QBs in the league, preparing to step into the offense at a moments notice is more than enough. He has the break-in-case-of-emergency job. You never want to have to use them but you are glad they are there.

Pat Devlin:

This could be the end of the line for Devlin. There is only so long you can stick as the number 3 quarterback, many teams only keep two. He will face competiton from undrafted free agent Brock Jensen. Devlin’s best hope this offseason is showing enough progress to possibly replace Moore as the backup.

Brock Jensen:

Jensen led NDSU to another championship in the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) this last season. He is simply put a winner. That combined with his ability as a dual threat quarterback makes him an ideal player to develop behind Ryan Tannehill. In his senior season he ran for over 400 yds and 10 touchdowns while completing over 65% of his passes. That skill set should fit in nicely in Miami. If he can show enough promise he may unseat Delvin as the final quarterback on the roster.

Overall the quarterback position is set. The important questions will be how the offense changes under new offensive coordinator Bill Lazorand how the quarterbacks respond. If Ryan Tannehill takes to the new offense the Dolphins may look forward to an exciting season.

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  1. Eliteminds says:

    As you think through the review of the quarterback it is also important to recognize that learning the new offensive scheme will test the mental fortitude of those who have been there before and they may struggle in the beginning. Hopefully they have found a way to prepare mentally that will give them more free reps.

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