NFL Draft: Simple Thoughts

It’s the day before the NFL draft and I have written nothing. Not one single word.

Most years I find a 7 round mock draft for the Miami Dolphins and I also use you throw in first round mock draft for the entire league. This year nada.

It’s been hard trying to figure out what might actually happen in this draft. We have teams in GM’s running around acting like they’re playing Madden football on their PlayStation. We have Mel Kiper hoping Beyond hope that some way shape or form for quarterbacks go in the first four picks. I’m a writer and I couldn’t make up scenarios like what seem to be getting ready to happen this Thursday.

So I did not bother running a mock draft I’m just going to share some thoughts I have about this year’s event.

The Cleveland Browns have the 1st and the 4th pics in the first round of this draft. I do not know how but I am absolutely certain it will find a way to screw that up. And no I’m not of the belief that they’re going to pick two quarterbacks with their first two picks even the Browns could not be that stupid.

I do believe that the national obsession with quarterbacks it’s going to force some truly great players to fall far down in this draft. Team are going to be getting elite blue chip talent in the teens and the twenties because other teams are so obsessed with finding that elusive franchise quarterback.

As I’ve said before I believe the Miami Dolphins will take a quarterback in this draft. I do not think they have to move up and chase after one of the top five players. If the guy they want is not there when they draft in the first round they have options later in the draft. Players like Luke Falk from Washington State or Kyle Lauletta from Richmond would fit nicely in Miami’s plans.

There are some players I really do like in this draft. Players like tight end Mike Gesicki from Penn State. He is long and athletic with great hands. I do no believe he is as bad a blocker is some would like to portray him.

Of the linebackers Roquan Smith and Tremaine Edmonds seem to be the consensus top two linebackers in the draft. However I really like Leighton Vander Esch from Boise State he has good size at 6’3 and 256 lbs. He has good speed, instincts and is a textbook form tackler. Vander Esch can do everything you want a linebacker to do.

Guys like running back Nick Chubb(Georgia) and wide receiver Braxton Berrios (The U) would be solid pick ups by the Dolphins as well.

On Thursday the real thing starts. And for once I have no idea what to expect.

Could not be happier.

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