Ryan Tannehill is the Miami Dolphins Quarterback-Until he isn’t.

It is really that simple. Tannehill will be the starter until he is not. Some seem to have a hard time understanding that.

Some fans feel that he’s the worst quarterback to ever come through these parts. That simply is not true. While he will never be an elite quarterback he is still a solid starter who has improved every year during his short career.

That does not mean the Dolphins will not take a quarterback early in this year’s draft.

And they should.

It is not simply a judgement on Tannehill’s ability under center, it is what you must do when your starter is coming back from injury. When your starter has missed 19 games. And when your starter is approaching thirty.

But even if they do take a quarterback(I have a list) that does not mean that Tannehill’s career in Miami is over.

I believe the Dolphins should take a page from the San Diego Chargers when they drafted Philip Rivers while they still had Drew Brees as a starter. Let the process shake itself out and trade whichever quarterback is not in your long term plan.

It is just good business.

Now about that list. There are five names thrown around as first round quarterbacks in this draft: Josh Allen (Wyoming), Sam Darnold (USC), Lamar Jackson (Louisville), Baker Mayfield (Oklahoma) and Josh Rosen (UCLA).

Personally I don’t need five names, I only need three. Darnold, Mayfield and Rosen. While Allen and Jackson could become stars I just don’t feel it. Great potential but potential gets you killed.

Darnold. He could be something special. Watching him throw(in the rain) at his Pro Day will make you drool. Touch, accuracy, arm strength. He does everything you want. So why does he make me nervous? Probably all the turnovers this last season.

Mayfield is something else. He is cocky and confident but in the best way. He has had to fight for everything he has gotten walking on at Texas Tech and Oklahoma. He can create inside and outside the pocket. When he uses his mobility I see Fran Tarkenton-looking to make plays with his arm not his legs. The only thing he is missing is just a little more height.

Rosen may be the most technically sound of all the quarterbacks. A classic drop back passer who can put the ball exactly where he wants it. There are some personality concerns. But that’s why you have pre-Draft interviews.

While I would go with Mayfield, either Darnold or Rosen would be excellent choices.

Come training camp Ryan Tannehill may have some real competition for the starting job. Time for the cream to rise to the top.

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