Tunnel Vision

Since training camp we have known that the 2019 season would be a trying one.

One of the youngest rosters in the league and no high profile free agents puts the team in a tough position every Sunday. It was necessary, years of overspending on free agents have not gotten the job done. It was time to try something different. A true rebuild.

As it stands the Miami Dolphins have three first-round picks and two second-round picks in 2020 NFL draft. That is a lot of ammunition.

Unfortunately many fans and even beat writers seem to have tunnel vision as far as the 2020 draft goes.

‘Tank for Tua’. We have all heard it. We heard it since January. We have heard it every damn week since.

Whenever whenever you focus in on one player on one player only over a year before the draft you are asking for trouble. Tua Tagovailoa maybe as good as everyone hopes. But nothing is guaranteed.

You let the season play out. Frankly I would be just as happy with Joe Burrow or Jake Fromm. Honestly it just comes down to your style of quarterback. I do not think you go wrong with any of the three.

The draft is not a failure if we do not pick one player over another. We a lot of needs this is not a one player draft.

Let the process play out. After all none of us are making the pick.