Quarterback Quandary

Heading into the third preseason game we still do not have any better handle of who will start at Quarterback for the Miami Dolphins season opener, Josh Rosen or Ryan Fitzpatrick.

All we really know is that veteran quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick is pencilled in to start this game. I normally that would lead one to believe that he will get the start at the beginning of the season. With new coach Brian Flores at the helm you cannot assume anything.

Looking at their performances in the preseason games and in the joint practice with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers it looks like that Rosen even if not ahead of Fitzpatrick at this point. Flores however seems reluctant to give anything to the second-year quarterback.

It’s really simple he doesn’t just want everything to I’ll perform Fitzpatrick but he wants you to take the job from him and leave no doubt it he should be the one to go with.

Flores himself said that there is merit to the thought of Rosen sitting amd learning behind The savvy veteran Fitzpatrick, after all Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers both sat as young quarterbacks. Normally I would be on board especially starting the season off against the Baltimore Ravens and the New England Patriots.

However we have the spectre of possibly having a very high first round draft pick in next year’s draft.

Listening to some of the local media you would think that this next year’s crop of quarterbacks is one of greatest of all time. I do not agree. I feel they have as many question marks as any other class.

So which way will the Dolphins turn?

None of us really know. I think Rosen could be special or he could flame out. But it doesn’t matter what I think.

The only person whose opinion matters is Brian Flores.

And we may not really know until deep into the season.

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