All the Jordon Love love

6 ft 4.

224 lbs.

Good arm, nice release.

Looking at Jordan Love you see everything you think you would want from a quarterback. He checks all the boxes.

During the 2016 draft you could say much the same about Paxton Lynch, he was taken by the Denver Broncos.

Just looking the part is not enough to get it done.

Jordan love had a great season in 2018 for Utah. He followed it up with a pedestrian season in 2019. The question is not simply was one season or the other an aberration. But what about the talent level he played against.

These are all considerations when looking at any player. But they seem to have been tossed aside when looking at Love.

A lot of people fall in love with prospects just because they look the part. Al Davis of the Oakland raiders was famous for that. I think there is more to it than simply falling in love with the potential that Love possesses. There is a lot to like.

The reality is that we just watched Patrick Mahomes put on a show in the Super Bowl. Not just the Super Bowl but multiple times during the season when it looked like the Chiefs were done hey he put them on his back and pulled out a miracle. A lot of analysts and maybe even coaches and general managers believe that Jordan Love could be this years Patrick Mahomes.

Most were surprised when Andy Reid moved up to the 10th pick the 2017 draft to take Mahomes. It is not that he was without talent(clearly). At the same time he was not projected to be a high draft pick.

The question is going to be is Love going to be some magic in a bottle or will he be another Paxton Lynch.

Personally I think all the adoration is overblown. I think if you take him before the second round you are making a big mistake. But that is the great thing about the draft.

No one really knows until they know.

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