Miami Dolphins Draft: Will it take a trade to get their QB?

All year long. Everywhere you look. The smart money is on the Miami Dolphins picking a quarterback with their first pick in the 2020 NFL draft.

Before the 2019 season started everyone had the Dolphins picking the quarterback this year.

All year long the entire “tank” narrative was built around Miami putting them in a position to take the best quarterback in the 2020 NFL draft.

They have the ammunition to make a severe impact on this draft no matter what way they go about it.

The only question now an hour before the draft is do they have the ammunition to get the quarterback they want. Currently they sit at the number 5 pick in the draft. Joe Burrow won’t be there. Tua Tagliovia might not be there either. They are the two best quarterbacks in this draft and it isn’t even close.

So the question is do you take Justin Herbert or Jordan Love as a concession prize?

Or do you use the 14 pics of draft capital you have to move up for one of the quarterbacks you want?

I have seen people suggesting Miami will try to move up to the number three pick to take Tua. In that case why not swing for the fences and go for Burrow?

I know everywhere people are insisting that the Dolphins tried to trade up to number one and the Cincinnati Bengals turned them down. Maybe they did.

Maybe the Bengals are really that stupid. Regardless of which quarterback Miami is after the Bengals might still have their choice of one of the top two signal callers in the draft. Plus ammunition to fix a struggling franchise.

The same of course could be said about Miami. Just stick where you’re at and use your draft picks to rebuild the team that was stripped down last year.

It is interesting. Whichever player you go after can be franchise changing. But sitting at number 5 you have a chance and missing out on both.

And a few hours we will find out what it moves if any Miami is made at the top of the NFL draft.

If nothing else it should be fun.

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