Tannehill is missing something

As we head into another December talk around the Miami Dolphins is once again centered around quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

For good or ill he has been the Dolphins quarterback for the better part of the last seven seasons. Results have been mixed to say the least. For whatever reason talk about Tannehill has always strongly divided the fan base. Some think he is a solid quarterback always ready to make the next step. Others insist that he is a bad quarterback who has been given too many chances.

(And after reading all this I am sure you are wondering why there is a picture of Andrew Luck at the top of the page-trust me I will get there.)

He is simply neither as good or bad as fans would like you to believe. As much as some want us to believe he is just a bad quarterback that simply is not true. And that is exactly the problem. If he was a bad quarterback it would be easy to move on from him. Problem is he shows these sparks, flashes of promise that makes you think that he could be more. The other problem, the real problem, is that he is missing that one special something. A something that cannot be taught.

That is where Mr Andrew Luck comes in. His first year at Stanford everyone knew Luck was special. Everyone knew he was a number one draft pick. He has that something. He also has a bit in common with Tannehill. Both drafted the same year. Both starters since they were rookies. Both coming back this year from injury. They even missed around the same amount of time.

And the cherry on top of all of that?? If you watched last Sunday’s game between the Dolphins and the Indianapolis Colts they performed pretty similarly. Luck had a couple of interceptions but he did have one more touchdown. The major difference between the two players came on one play. One ridiculous play.

Third and 9 at his own 43, Luck pulled a Houdini evading several Dolphins defenders to complete a pass to Chester Rogers that ended at the Miami 23. That was a special play. From a special player.

That is simply the kind of play we rarely see out of Ryan Tannehill. It is the kind of play Tannehill simply is not capable of making on a regular basis.

And that in the end is the story.

Tannehill is a good player but not special.

The Dolphins need to find special. And soon.

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