A Tale of Two Weeks

Before the final play against the New England Patriots I was resigned to Miami’s fate. They had fought to stay in the game but once again I feared they would come up short to these New England Patriots. Seven seconds left, no time outs and nearly seventy yards to go. It was a tall order.

And then everything went haywire. It was absolutely ridiculous. Every team has a multiple pitch last ditch play in their playbook. Thing is they never seem to work.

That is until they do.

That was two Sundays ago. As euphoric as fans were after the Patriots, they would be just as devasted once the final seconds ticked off against the Minnesota Vikings.

Against the Patriots the often seem to be working and the defense had gotten back to their bend but not break style play from the early season. There were issues(same ones from all season) but when it counted plays were made. The team did not give up.

Then came the Vikings. Enormous holes in the defensive line, receivers running free for Kirk Cousins. The offense was inconsistent at best. Suddenly we were down 21-0. Then two rookies came alive. A pick six by Minkah Fitzpatrick and inspired play by running back Kalen Ballage put Miami back in the game. Shortly after the half it was 21-17 a entirety new game. No that was simply a tease.

And that is the story of this team. A tease. Play well enough to get your hopes up and bad enough to make you shake your head.

Inconsistency will beat you down worse than lack of talent. That is the thing. This team has talent. It’s consistently using that talent that is a big issue. The other is injuries hitting the worst spots and the worst times all year long.

This is a team that ‘can’ play with anyone, any week. They just don’t.

And that will be on the tombstone for the 2018 season.

Two weeks left. Maybe just maybe we can put two good weeks together back to back.

It would be nice.

It would be a start.

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