It Is Time

It’s time. It is time to truly start looking for the next quarterback for the Miami Dolphins.

Some out there feel that it’s far past that time. Personally I have supported Ryan Tannehill. He can do a lot of good things on the football field. He can win for you when things are going well. It is when things go wrong that he struggles.

We have seen good Ryan and bad Ryan just not great Ryan. And after seven years there is still far too much bad Ryan.

In the first half against the Cincinnati Bengals he played well. It made the game against New England look like an abberation. The second half was an entire other story. Once Laremy Tunsil went down he simply fell apart.

That is understandable but we simply need more from the position. Good enough just is not. We need that something special. We need a quarterback with that extra gear to get us through when things go bad.

It is that thing that takes a Quarterback from good to great. We see it in Aaron Rodgers. In Tom Brady. We see flashes if it in Baker Mayfield (that is part of the reason I wanted him if he was available in the draft).

Tannehill does not possess it. That does not make him a bad quarterback. It just makes him not good enough.

So it is time to start looking in college for the next Miami Dolphins quarterback. Names like Will Grier(WVU) and Trace McSorely (Penn State) come to mind. More names will come as the search comes into focus.

None of this means the season is over. We could still have a successful season at the end of the day.

All any of this means is that it is time.

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