The Patriots…Again!?

It is Super Bowl time and once again the New England Patriots are in the big game. It’s frustrating.

No matter how they may struggle during the regular season in the end they find their way.

This year for instance there is no way on paper they should have gotten past the Los Angeles Chargers or the Kansas City Chiefs.

But they did.

This is not to take anything away from anything the Patriots have accomplished since 2001. This is not somehow claiming they are a bad team, far from it.

This is simply saying sometimes teams give them a helping hand.

Look at the Chargers game. Yes they played in Foxboro and honestly most teams playing the Patriots at home beat themselves before they even leave the locker room. However this Chargers team was loaded with talent and showed it all season long. Well until the game started.

How many times do I have to say it? When you play the Patriots you cannot sit back in a soft zone? They will eat you up every damn time.

If I am Julian Edelman or Chris Hogan and I see the corner sitting five to seven yards off the line of scrimmage I start drooling. A little head nod to Tom Brady, take two steps and cut across the field. Good for five or ten or more yards. Every damn time.

Then fast forward a week to the AFC Championship game. Every viewer may have their opinions for what led to the Patriots win in overtime. For me it is simple. If the Chiefs had done one thing at some point in that game I think we are talking about them facing the Los Angeles Rams.

That one thing. It is simple really. Make a tackle inside your five yard line. Just once.

The Patriots ran three touchdowns in from inside the five. One more if you include Sonny Michel’s ten yard run to start off the game. Sad thing is the Chiefs did not come close to stopping any of those runs. I am not even sure if they touched the running backs.

All of this is ancient history. So why talk about it now as the game is getting ready to be played.

Easy. The Rams have every opportunity to beat these Patriots. They have the talent on both sides of the ball. The only question is will they do their job or simply let it slip away.

It is kickoff time. Hope it is a great one.

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