NFL Draft: Miami Dolphins Day Two

Day one of the 2020 NFL Draft is in the books. It was different. It was a little odd. But with all the coaches, GM’s and sports personalities working from home it still was the NFL draft that we are used to.

For the Miami Dolphins it was a busy night. With three picks on the first night it is easy to overlook the fact that they still have a lot of pics.

On Friday night once again they will pick three times. The Dolphins have pics number 7 and 24 in the second round, along with pick number six in the third. There is still a lot of talent available. Where might the Dolphins go?

Here are a couple players that I think would fit well for Miami in day two:

D’Andre Smith, RB, Georgia

I could easily have gone with Jonathan Taylor from Wisconsin or JK Dobbins from Ohio State. All three are excellent running back options which is something Miami needs. Swift is a solid one cut runner, who is a weapon in the passing game. And that is what really puts him over the other two.

Antoine Winfield Jr, S, Minnesota

It is not all offense. As they showed at the end of the first round the Dolphins secondary could use an injection of youth. Winfield Jr has great range along with the ability to come up and play against the run. On top of that he has a great football IQ which seems to be coveted by Coach Brian Flores.

Matt Hennessy, C, Temple

Anyone who has followed this team over the last couple decades knows that the interior offensive line has always been a work in progress. Hennessy has good balance in pass protection as well as the quickness to get out in front of running plays.

There could easily be a dozen other options they could pick tonight. That is what it’s so much fun about the draft. In a few minutes we will find out for sure.

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