George Kittle signs 5 yr, $75M extension with 49ers

You hate to compare a current player to former stars. Especially to hall of famers or sure to be hall of famers. It is usually premature. But in this case I believe it is apt.

George kittle is this generations Rob Gronkowski. Gronkowski in turn was his generations Kellen Winslow. All three are phenomenal athletes, phenomenal tight ends.

They were perhaps the most important players on their teams with apologies to some great quarterbacks. As great as Tom Brady was you wonder how great he would have been without Gronkowski. The same goes for Dan Fouts with Winslow and Jimmy Garoppolo(who still has a ways to go) with George Kittle.

And we are sure to get to see how great Kittle and Garoppolo can be together. It has been widely reported that Kittle has signed a five year, 75-million dollar extension with the San Francisco 49ers.

In a year of bad and worse news(we still wonder if we will even have a football season) this may be a little bit of a bright spot. Nothing makes me happier than seeing players get to continue playing for the team that drafted them. Players being rewarded for their hard work is just a cherry on top.

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