Dolphins should avoid Watson

I started writing this piece a month ago before the Super Bowl. The Texans had just hired their new general manager, DeShaun Watson was clearly unhappy. He had not officially said that he wanted out but everyone could read the tea leaves. So of course just like every other off-season for seemingly the last two decades all the national sports writers just connected him straight to the Miami Dolphins.

After all the Miami Dolphins do have four picks in the first two rounds of this years NFL draft. They are team that overperformed last year. And they have an as yet unproven quarterback in Tua Tagovailoa. So of course they should want to jump at the chance to add an pro Bowl quality playcaller such as Watson.

No actually that last paragraph has a lot of the reasons why they should not pursue a trade with the Houston Texans. The Dolphins tore their team down in 2019. Most fans will say they did it specifically to get Tua but even more so it was done so they could rebuild the team properly. Aging veterans and expensive contracts made it hard to get any kind of traction going to get them past years of 7-9 & 8-8. Something dramatic had to be done. But the job isn’t done they still have a lot of work to be done before the team is ready.

Nothing against Watson. If the team was only missing a quarterback I would consider it. Fact remains that DeShaun Watson is 28-25 for his career, with a better team in Houston than the one he would be taking over in Miami. And the trade suggestions made by the media are just outlandish. Multiple first round picks, second round picks, Xavian Howard and Tua-these are fantasy trades that are clearly slanted to give the Texans a chance to rebuild and put the Dolphins into purgatory for the foreseeable future.

The worst part of the Watson talk for me is the desire for some to just throw Tua away after one season. While he had an uneven season, he did show glimpses of things to come in games against the AFC champion Kansas City Chiefs and the Arizona Cardinals. This is a player who compiled a 6-3 record throwing 11 tds to only 5 ints. Well he could clearly do better this is not someone who looked bad in the least.

Question then comes down to should the Dolphins stay the course or should they throw away the work they’ve done the last two years for a chance at someone who may be a great quarterback but will not have the pieces around him to succeed.

You know which way I lean.

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