Exorcising Demons

After starting this season 1-7, the Miami Dolphins are in the midst of an improbable playoff run.

Many critics would point out the relative lack of talent of the teams that the Dolphins have faced. But as the line goes: ” You play who’s on your schedule.”

But it’s exactly this schedule that they are playing that I find interesting. The wins started with the Texans. The two teams will always be connected due to the Laramy Tunsil trade. This year had an added component, the hard push for a questionable trade for quarterback Deshaun Watson. With the trade deadline passing, some of the outside noise was put to bed. The beginning of the winning streak was just a cherry on top.

That was swiftly followed by the game against the Baltimore Ravens. Over the last 20 years, the Ravens have simply owned Miami. They have physically beat down this franchise over and over again. So when we played them on that Thursday night and pummeled QB Lamar Jackson with the cover zero defense, it just felt so so good.

Of course after that we had to New York teams which are what they are. And last week we convincingly beat a shorthanded New Orleans Saints team. Another team that we are connected to by the Drew Brees decision years ago.

So what’s next?

We face the Tennessee Titans led by our former quarterback Ryan Tannehill and then finish with Bill belichick and the New England Patriots. Win and we are in.

Winning out to make the playoffs is exciting in dramatic enough. Doing so by beating teams which have made our lives miserable over the last few years is just a little sweeter. Beating the quarterback we cast away who has had a great deal of success elsewhere and then finishing it off against the evil empire(the New England Patriots) that’s almost a story of legend.

I don’t know if they’ll finish out the season but just this run all by itself has been wonderful.

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