And Tom Brady is out…

Earlier this season when talking to a friend of mine(a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan), I told him in no uncertain terms that Tom Brady would not be defending a Super Bowl championship this year. I was confident that the Bucs would not even make it to the Super Bowl again.

No, I am not a Brady fan. In fact, I have been a lifelong Miami Dolphins fan which is only part of the reason for that. Just because an athlete is one of the great players at its position, does not mean that we have to be fans of his. I’ve always believed that being a professional athlete is about more than just championships. Says about how you carry yourself, about playing with sportsmanship and within the rules.

This is why I had a certain amount of jewelry that for the first time in his career. Tom Brady was flagged for unsportsmanlike behavior.

during the second quarter after a hit by linebacker/defensive end. Von Miller, Brady started chirping at the refs as usual, looking for a call. We have seen this time and time and time again during his 20 plus year career. This time it did not work out the way he has been used to.

“He got in my face in an aggressive manner and used abusive language,” referee Shawn Hochuli said.

While, I’m sure Tampa Bay fans felt like this should have been some helmet to helmet penalty called on his side, many fans like myself cheered because for once Terrific Tom did not get his way after having a temper tantrum.

And this is exactly the aspect of his play that we will not miss if this is the last time we see him on a football field. Brady is a great competitor. He is a fantastic quarterback. Whether you like him or not, some of those comebacks are just incredible. But there is this side. There is the seemingly petulant behavior from an otherwise great player that darkens everything else about him.

Truly on Sunday we thought that he was going to have another weekend to try to make it to the Super Bowl. After the Rams got out to a large lead and inexplicable series of plays, gave the Bucs a chance. Right before the half a fumble by running back Cam Akers took points off the board. Then the normally sure-handed Cooper Kupp had to ball ripped from his hands in the second half, This was followed by the ball being snapped right over quarterback Matthew Stafford’s head. Somehow the Rams overcame to all these mistakes to kick a field goal in the waning moments to preserve a win.

So if this is indeed the last time we see Tom Brady on a football field, please go ahead and celebrate his accomplishments and his greatness, but do not ignore the negative parts of his play over the last two decades.

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