George Kittle signs 5 yr, $75M extension with 49ers

You hate to compare a current player to former stars. Especially to hall of famers or sure to be hall of famers. It is usually premature. But in this case I believe it is apt. George kittle is this generations Rob Gronkowski. Gronkowski in turn was his generations Kellen Winslow. All three are phenomenal athletes,…

It Is Time

It’s time. It is time to truly start looking for the next quarterback for the Miami Dolphins. Some out there feel that it’s far past that time. Personally I have supported Ryan Tannehill. He can do a lot of good things on the football field. He can win for you when things are going well….

Championship Sunday

After this Sunday there is one more game. The one that everyone is striving for. The Super Bowl. Players dream their entire lives of paying in the big one. But today. Today is when the legends are made. Today is the money round. The Drive. The Catch. Those did not happen on Super Bowl Sunday….

Miami Dolphins vs. Baltimore Ravens: Five Things

When the Miami Dolphins came out to a 10-0 lead against the Baltimore Ravens Sunday I felt pretty good, that feeling did not last. Of course I felt good the defense had stuffed the Ravens offense for three straight drives, the offense seemed to be able to move the ball on Baltimore’s defense as well. All…